LEGAL PATHWAYS FOR MIGRATION: Setting the right priorities for a sustainable

EU-Africa partnership

Decisions on the volume of admissions of people coming from third countries to seek work is the exclusive competence of each individual Member State. Yet, the Commission can promote, facilitate, and support the creation of new legal migration pathways across Europe.

In this paper, SOLIDAR and its member organisations propose some concrete recommendations on how to ensure legal and safe pathways into the EU building on the shortfalls of the existing mechanisms and on existing good practises.

The document is also available in FRENCH. The document is also available in ITALIAN.

Le document est également disponible en FRANÇAIS: VOIES DE MIGRATION LÉGALES : définir les bonnes priorités pour un partenariat EU-Afrique durable

Il documento ‘e disponibile anche in ITALIANO: CANALI LEGALI D’IMMIGRAZIONE: definire le buone priorità per un partenariato sostenibile EU-Africa

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