Policy Tool: The European Green Deal: Towards new social and ecological narratives for the European Elections 2024 by the Civil Society Forum for Sustainability

Our common future will soon be in the hands of a newly elected European Parliament (EP). In order to ensure the development of a comprehensive EU policy framework for a socio-ecological transition within the European Green Deal (EGD) that puts living species at its core, addresses the needs of disadvantaged groups, reduces inequalities and ensures a sustainable environment, we as civil society organisations have developed this Social-Ecological Transition Policy Tool for the European Green Deal in the context of the upcoming European Parliament elections.

By providing examples of emerging issues, potential stakeholders for coalition building and key messages, this tool aims to inspire civil society organisations to develop narratives in line with their advocacy priorities and empower them to engage with policymakers involved in the upcoming EP elections.

This policy tool also includes a structure for a campaign briefing to guide CSOs in developing their own campaigns.

You can download the full version of the report here

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