SOLIDAR Foundation Briefing Paper – Individual Learning Accounts

On 1 Jully 2020, the European Commission presented the Updated Skills Agenda. An individual right to lifelong learning was considered in the format of the Individual Learning Accounts (ILAs). The European Commission has committed itself to a proposal for a Council Recommendation on ILAs which is to be published towards the end of 2021. Based on this, it has opened a public consultation until 16 July to collect the views of stakeholders on the way in which ILAs will be conceptualised from an EU level perspective.

SOLIDAR Foundation is keenly following this process considering its implications on the validation of non-formal and informal learning, on the promotion of a culture of lifelong learning across Europe, on the personal development that learners can achieve via the ILAs and on aspects related to inclusion and equity in the provision of lifelong learning. Therefore, SOLIDAR Foundation is publishing a Briefing Note exploring what ILAs mean for the civil society sector, education stakeholders and the future of lifelong learning. At the same time, it will explore the members’ positions and interest in relation to ILAs to assess how to best contribute to the debate on this topic. The next steps will be defined by early July.

Should you wish any more information on SOLIDAR Foundation advocacy on the ILAs, or you wish to cooperate with us to this end, please, do not hesitate to contact