The Social Pillar and the future of the EU Social Agenda

The study titled “The Social Pillar and the future of the EU Social Agenda” was co-authored by Danielle Brady, Tommaso Grossi, Laura Rayner from EPC and thanks to the contribution of SOLIDAR, Social Platform, Foundation of Progressive Studies, AK Europa. This study acknowledges the progress made in the EU social policies since the introduction of the European Pillar of Social Rights, while also highlighting the need for a revitalisation of the welfare state which is made imperative by the consequences of decades of neoliberal policymaking that advocated for a small state and the epochal socio-economic challenges we are experiencing.

Through an analysis of the EU’s progress in advancing equal opportunities, improving working conditions and strengthening social protection and inclusion as envisioned by the EPSR, both at the national and European levels, the study also offers policy recommendations for the upcoming EU Social Agenda and lines of action on how to move forward in this direction ahead of the upcoming EP elections. This publication was launched in a public event on 12 February 2024.