Education Policy Pill: Experience SOLIDAR Foundation’s first game tracing the development of EU policy on Education for Environmental Sustainability

SOLIDAR Foundation proudly presents its newest policy brief in a gamified format. As the Council of the EU is approaching to make a decision on a Council Recommendation for learning for environmental sustainability, SOLIDAR Foundation wishes to track the process that led to this momentous achievement in education policymaking while supporting our members and partners to see the advocacy work that SOLIDAR Foundation has led in relation to this policy portfolio.

As a policy brief should do, our gamified experience will illuminate the contents of the Proposal for a Council Recommendation on learning for environmental sustainability as well as of the Competence Framework associated with it (GreenComp). This will be tied in with its relevancy for the education sector, before moving into a dynamic experience of retracing SOLIDAR Foundation’s steps in the advocacy process. This will serve as a guide through the EU decision-making process, the existent stakeholders at EU level and the way in which civil society can participate in the policy processes.

Below, you can find the game which can be played directly in this window, in minimised or maximised format. Should you have any inquiries on the policy and advocacy process covered by the game, do not hesitate to contact

You are invited to explore the Education for Environmental Sustainability Policy Pill.