Organising for a Just Transition to a climate friendly and fair economy

Education is a key enabler for a Just Transition to a sustainable economy. It has the potential for fostering behavioral change and collective action, cultivating green skills, accelerating climate literacy, and building communities’ resilience and adaptive capacity. 

Target 4.7 of SDG4 aims to ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, and this is why the Olof Palme International Center and SOLIDAR have developed an online course named: “Training of trainers: Building alliances on Just Transition”. 

The course is accompanied by a training manual, “Organising for a just transition to a climate-friendly and fair economy”, developed in the framework of EU-funded FPA Grant “Organising International Solidarity”, that can be used not only as a course material by those that participate in the training, but also as a source of information and inspiration for all those interested in taking action. 

About the Manual

The manual is structured in three different modules.

Module 1: “Understanding just transitions” gives the reader the information needed in order to understand climate change and transitions to a low-carbon economy.

Module 2: “Learning from what others are doing” focuses on the United Nations’ main climate convention and how it works. It looks at the promises of climate action that countries submit under this convention and provides several tools to evaluate these national climate promises, based on global climate justice, gender, and other aspects.

Module 3: “Taking collective action” focuses on building a just transition alliance or movement. The module is designed to start the process of organising people and building their power to make sure the transitions are just. 

The manual is enriched by exercises, a knowledge bank with fast facts about the different topics covered in the training, several case studies and tips and tools to be used by the trainers when facilitating their own training or meetings on just transition. Finally, the manual is accompanied by a rich collection of additional resources in different languages, which may be reports, videos and so on, useful to integrate the knowledge acquired during the training.

Who is it for?

If you want to take the lead in organising alliances around Just Transition in your country or region, if you want to take part in the change or if you are just interested in the topic and want to deepen your knowledge, find and download the manual here.

The full course will also be made available for self-study during the spring on Olof Palme’s website.