• SOLIDAR is moving! FRom 1st Sept you can find us at 4-6 Rue Pascale, 1040 Brussels

  • New SOLIDAR Briefing - ’The European Pillar of Social Rights - a basis for upward social convergence?’

  • ENP up close - for social justice in the MENA region

Latest News

  • To fight fear and populism, start with social programmes

    Ambitious social programmes, which benefit everybody, undermine populism and combat fears, said Conny Reuter, the Secretary General of SOLIDAR in an interview with EurActiv.com

  • SOLIDAR mourns Karl Duffek

    SOLIDAR mourns Karl Duffek who has been a longstanding friend, comrade and supporter of SOLIDAR. Karl was born in 1962 in Vienna. After studying Political and Social Sciences he became active in the Socialist Students Union of Austria after which he joined the Karl-Renner-Institute in 1998 and was appointed it’s Director in 1999. As International Secretary of the Austrian Social Democratic Party and Vice-President and Treasurer of Foundation for European Progressive Studies – FEPS he worked closely with SOLIDAR. We shared common values, convictions and the committed to the progress of intellectual progressive challenges.

    Our thoughts are with his family and comrades!

  • Members’ News

    Joint declaration on the state of emergency in Turkey

    The civil society organisations EuroMed Rights, AEDH, FIDH, IHD and HRFT have published a joint declaration on the state of emergency in Turkey today. In their declaration they express deep worries over the state of emergency declared in Turkey for a period of three months following the July 15 coup d’état attempt in which hundreds of civilians, soldiers and police officers lost their lives.

  • Building Learning Societies

    Slovakian Presidency takes on Education and Training

    Since 1st July Slovakia has taken the lead in the Council of the European Union in times when the Union faces unprecedented challenges that contest both its unity and its common approach. The main focus of the Presidency in the area of education is talents, and the ways we foster and develop them. It is believed that the development of talents has a direct impact on an individual and it enhances social inclusion, and it is the driver of innovation and growth. For the SOLIDAR Foundation, it is important to see that the focus on the development of skills and competences takes precedence in European policy making. As the CEDEFOP (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) skills forecast shows, in the coming years the demand for specific skills will increase due to technological changes. Furthermore, investing in skills development is an important method of preventing unemployment, and lifelong learning is vital to personal growth and inclusion.

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