Recognise the transformative potential of Education and Lifelong Learning for democratic societies

As Europe and the world face a multitude of challenges, from democratic backsliding to the climate crisis and the rise of AI, it’s time to take a more holistic approach to education!

The current crises underline the pressing need for education to prepare all learners to develop transversal competences, such as critical thinking, and a sense of belonging to the global community, while promoting a culture of democratic participation and democratic value

The European Elections in 2024 provide a chance to shift the European Commission’s perspective on education. Instead of viewing it primarily as a means to prepare workers for the job market and address skills gaps, we can recognise its transformative potential for both professional and personal development of individuals as a whole.

SOLIDAR Foundation calls for taking the upcoming European elections as an opportunity to increase efforts for Global Citizenship Education and for the recognition of education and lifelong learning as crucial to democratic and inclusive societies as they empower individuals to grow personally and professionally, while actively participating in society.