Six progressive asks for a Just Transition

The 2024 European Parliament elections mark a historic crossroads with high stakes, but also an opportunity to turn current crises into a chance to reshape our collective future. We believe this moment in history gives us a chance to fundamentally change our societies and economies so that they work for both people and the planet. SOLIDAR and its members want to make sure that this change happens.

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SOLIDAR wants to see a Europe that continues to lead the transition, incoming European Parliament and Commission that build on what has been achieved and that push for a faster and more ambitious shift in line with what science tells us is necessary.

Towards a sustainable future, towards a Europe for all and with all, a Europe based on common and human security, human rights, and social justice. For a Europe that understands that there is no European solution to ongoing and upcoming crises, but a Global one.

Politicians need to listen to civil society organisations and trade unions who represent millions of people, workers, learners, women, youth, people in vulnerable conditions across the European Union.


Why vote in the European Elections?

Voting is key if we want a European Union that puts people’s needs and saving the planet at the centre.

SOLIDAR, together with its members all across Europe, calls on people to go vote for a Europe that dreams with YOU!

Resources for SOLIDAR Members

SOLIDAR is a network of progressive civil society organisations, active at national level all over Europe.

Resources for our members: social media messages and visuals, and a repository of videos to use for campaigning at national level. Some resources will be added to a later stage.

Events with SOLIDAR members at National level

SOLIDAR is organising a series of meetings in key European countries where our members are active in, to spread the messages and mobilise people to vote.

National event in Brussels, 22 May 2024.

National event in Italy, 31 May 2024.

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