Lifelong Learning Platform: LLLab 2023 and General Assembly

LLLP’s Lifelong Learning Lab 2023 took place in Girona on the 26th and 27th of June, where education stakeholders, policy makers and civil society representatives gathered to discuss existing educational practices and ideas for the Future of Europe.

The first day focused on the European agenda and decision-making processes in education and training, with insights from the policy makers and discussions revolving around the European Education Area. The second day imbedded the topic in the national context, discussing the Spanish agenda and the interconnectedness of education between civil society and politics.

The conference consisted of group discussions aimed at the dissemination of inspiring practices of national cooperation. Hence, the participants exchanged ideas on key competences for lifelong learning, ways of making skills visible, strategies of building a lifelong learning area and plans to enhance regional cooperation in lifelong learning.

After the Lab, the Lifelong Learning Platform held its General Assembly, to discuss the transitional strategy that will steer the work of the LLLP for the next year, as well as to renew the leadership of the organisation. Elisa Gambardella, coordinator of SOLIDAR Foundation, was elected President of the LLLP. She is joined in the Steering Committee by Matteo Vespa (ESU), Caridad Alarcón (OBESSU), Piotr Sadowski (Volonteurope) who were elected along with her.