Civil dialogue for inclusive democracy: workshop at EESC Civil Society Week 2024

European Economic and Social Committee - EESC Brussels, Belgium

This workshop organised in the framework of the EESC Civil Society Week 2024 aims at exploring the  role  that civil dialogue should play – if institutionalised at European and national level - in fostering democracy through the participation of various groups including the most marginalised - such as people with a low socio-economic status, migrants,...

7th Civil Society Forum for Sustainability

The European elections are fast approaching and political parties across Europe are setting out their vision for our common future to voters. The window for influencing manifestos has already passed, or in some cases, the opportunity never given to citizens or CSOs, but how do their political agendas and manifestos live up to the transformative...

From Europe to Bruxelles: Say NO to the Pact on Migration and Asylum!

European Parliament

On April 10th, the European Parliament will vote on the New Pact on Migration and Asylum. This will have catastrophic consequences for the lives of people on the move across and beyond Europe, institutionalizing the most brutal and repressive practices.  SOLIDAR joins over 50 civil society organisations, networks and Trade Unions active at the European...

Join Us for a Policy Roundtable: Achieving Democratic Participation Through Global Citizenship Education

Room Van Maerlant 2 (VMA22) - European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

  SOLIDAR Foundation is pleased to invite you to a Policy Roundtable along with national and European experts and policymakers, to identify the challenges at the policy level related to Global Citizenship Education (GCE) and democratic participation.  The aim is to frame GCE as an enabler of democratic participation, as without it, understanding the interconnectedness...

ARCI Campaign and Event for the European Elections “Let’s stop them with a Vote”

In occasion of ARCI Emilia-Romagna General Assembly, ARCI invites EU citizens to vote for candidates that will safegard peace, the environment, rights, democracy and social justice. Read more about ARCI campaign here During the panel on civil society in Europe, SOLIDAR Foundation Coordinator, Elisa Gambardella will intervene to present SOLIDAR & SOLIDAR Foundation campaign for...

8th Civil Society Forum for Sustainability


Bringing CSOs together to develop civil society demands to the EU on the future of citizens deliberation and European Green Deal for a green and just transition (2024-2029). A healthy democratic ecosystem is composed and enrooted in the role of civil society and other organisations. Following the 2024 European elections, civil society organisations (CSOs) have...

2024 SOLIDAR AGA Political Forum “Post-election discussion: Taking Stock of the European Elections and Progressive Strategies for the Future”

In the framework of SOLIDAR Annual General Assembly, SOLIDAR members, partners and members of the progressive family are gathering to dicuss about on lessons learned, coalition-building strategies, and long-term vision in the aftermath of the 2024 European Elections. The institutional renewal is in motion after the elections, and political negotiations are ongoing to decide on...

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