AKA Active Citizens – New Project starting in November!

SOLIDAR Foundation is excited to announce that in November the project AKA Active Citizens will be launched and implemented together with 8 other organisations!

AKA (Awareness, Knowledge, Action) Active Citizens is a project co-funded by the CERV Programme. It will aim at promoting the democratic participation and engagement at EU level of young citizens with vulnerable backgrounds in 8 countries through Global Citizenship Education-based activities to be implemented in Community Centres. It will do so with a project timeline that builds momentum for the EP Elections 2024 while empowering the youth involved through Awareness and Knowledge resulting in Action for tackling environmental challenges in a collective and transnational manner.

The project will start with a training for all educators involved, who then implement the agreed methodology throughout the 24 activities to be carried out by the Community Centres. These will represent opportunities for the youth involved to learn about EU policies and how to impact them democratically, interact with policy makers and eventually replicate the methodology used to further social action beyond the project lifespan.

The project will involve 500+ direct participants and 5000+ indirect participants through innovative and empowering dissemination activities. The expected results are strengthened participation of the target group in EP Elections 2024; boosted awareness of EU policies and ability to recognise and combat structural discriminations in society; innovative methodological framework for fostering social action and democratic participation in the EU; enhanced cross-border cooperation among educators and organisations from 8 countries and exchange of good practices; increased capacity participants to make informed decisions.

The outputs will be a booklet (in 8 languages) of transformative education methodologies for democratic participation, resulting from the initial toolkit and 8 manuals; 24 activities carried out by 8 Community Centres with 500+ young people; and finally, a debate at EU level on the themes touched upon by the project, notably Environmental challenges.

The project will be coordinated by SOLIDAR Foundation, and our project partners in this endeavor spanning from November 2022 until November 2024 will be: ARCI (Italy), CEMEA (France), the Centre for Peace Studies (Croatia), DAFNI KEK (Greece), La Liga de la Educacion (Spain), Pour La Solidarité (Belgium), Rede Espaco Sem Fronteiras (Portugal), Willie Eichler Akademie (Germany).