ECHO Network – New Project on Democracy in the Online Space kicks off in November!

SOLIDAR Foundation is proud to announce that it will join the consortium of the Erasmus+ funded project ECHO Network (Ethical Common Human Open Source network).

Coordinated by our French member, CEMEA, and reuniting as partners SOLIDAR Foundation members from Croatia (Centre for Peace Studies) and Germany (Willi Eichler Akademie), the project will be implemented from 2022 until 2024.

ECHO Network represents a vision for democracy in the online space and for democratic choice for each individual when choosing how to access the online realm.

Project partners will collaborate in exchanging their experiences regarding using ethical digital software, taking stock of the existing resources, alternatives to the technology provided by the tech giants promoting a consumerist business model that feeds off of learners’ data, and training resources to build up a movement for educating learning to explore ethical digital solutions in their learning process.

Teaching democracy means teaching democratic choice in the online realm.

Stay tuned for this exciting project to commence in November 2022!


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