ELF & SAF Study Visit: Education for Inclusive and Democratic Societies

On 20-22 September 2022, SOLIDAR and SOLIDAR Foundation organized a joint SAF & ELF study visit hosted in Zagreb, Croatia by SOLIDAR member Centre for Peace Studies (CPS).  

This year, the Study Visit focused on Education for Inclusive and Democratic Societies and elaborated on Global Citizenship Education – including Peace Education, Gender Equality and Interculturalism. Members and partners across Europe could exchange their experiences, common challenges and lessons learned and reflect together on peace education as a tool for achieving learning and sustainable societies. 

Participants learned more about CPS’s work, history and Peace Education in Croatia and the situation of CSO’s in Croatia. They also got the chance to meet and exchange thoughts with CPS’ partners working in the field of Global Citizenship Education, Gender Equality and Cross Culturalism. On an activism-focused guided tour, participants found out more about historical CSO’s-led demonstrations in Zagreb.  

One of the Study Visit’s highlights was the panel discussion on Peace Education held on 21 September, the International Day of Peace. Different members and partners shared how their work is contributing to creating positive peace in their respective countries and discussed their practices and challenges in their national context. Moreover, connected to the Study Visit and on the occasion of the International Day of Peace SOLIDAR Foundation published a statement on Peace Education as a public good. 

The Study Visit was also the perfect occasion to reflect on advocating for and practicing quality Global Citizenship Education within the Build European Solidarity Today (BEST) project as SOLIDAR members, ARCICentre for Peace Studies and La Ligue de l’enseignement are part of the coordinating organizations.   

SOLIDAR’s Study Visits are conceived as a peer learning opportunity for members to expand their knowledge and network in relation to education and lifelong learning. To enhance the peer-learning and networking aspects at once, the standard methodology guiding the activities is based on non-formal education. 

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