Policy Paper – Peace Education Sustainable Journey to Peace: Peace Education in the Context of Global Citizenship Education

The Policy Paper on Peace Education A Sustainable Journey to Peace: Peace Education in the Context of Global Citizenship Education, presents the culmination of a whole year of activities for SOLIDAR Foundation and its members on the theme of Peace Education as a tool for achieving learning and sustainable societies.  

The current political and security concerns in Europe and the world underline the pressing need for  Peace  Education.  Some might argue that when war, conflict and crises are already upon us it is too late for it as everyday challenges and suffering add stress and pressure. However, there is abundant evidence to the contrary and the SOLIDAR Foundation family argues that this is rather a reason for increased efforts for Peace Education. 

By bringing together academic literature on Peace Education, relevant Peace Education policies and case studies from SOLIDAR member organizations, this policy paper aims to increase understanding of what Peace Education is, provide context and give an idea of how it works in practice. Moreover, the policy paper provides a set of concrete evidence-based policy recommendations directed to the EU, EU Member States and CSOs.  

Peace Education has been central to the work of the SOLIDAR Foundation membership across Europe and beyond. All of our members strive to achieve social justice through quality education, publicly funded and accessible to all learners throughout their lives. 

The case studies are based on contributions from the Centre for Peace Studies, Movimiento por la paz, Community Development Institute, Asamblea de Cooperación por la Paz, Olof Palme International Centre and La Liga Española de la Educación.