EUROPEAN CIVIC ACADEMY: Challenges & Good Practices for Multistakeholder Alliance-Building

October 19, 2021

The last session of the 2021 European Civic Academy is coming up soon! The event was launched by the European Civic Forum in 2016 to connect and build bridges between civil society and academic agendas, to provide space for civil society actors to discuss with academics and identify priorities and possibilities for collaborations related to the role of CSOs in enhancing civic and democratic spaces in Europe.

The objectives of the European Civic Academy are threefold:

  1. mapping civil society needs in terms of research priorities;
  2. enable civic actors to gain knowledge about existing research, methodology and approaches to inspire a strengthening and a renewal action framework;
  3. increase awareness among academic researchers about civil society needs and priorities and identify collaborative opportunities for future research.

Four sessions have been organised so far since 2016, allowing exchanges and new cooperation processes, such as the one developed between ECF, Civil Society Europe, SOLIDAR and the Collegium Polonicum Foundation.

SOLIDAR’s session

In SOLIDAR’s coming session of the 2021 edition of the European Civic Academy, we look at how civil society and social movements have found convergences during the pandemic and the lockdown as well as what were the challenges encountered in this process. SOLIDAR Foundation is organising one of the 5 parallel workshops to be run during the amazing programme of this session. During the workshop titled Uniting all for a Just Transition we will take stock of the launch of the European Alliance for a Just Transition – gathering different stakeholders for pursuing a common political goal – to analyse the difficulties, dos and don’ts of alliance building for creating new avenues for cooperation among long-standing actors and fresher ones, to advance the democratic foundations of our societies. Participants will be engaged in a participatory workshop during which we will explore how to promote a unifying approach across diverse actors to overcome the differences in methods to promote social justice.

Check the whole programme at this link and don’t hesitate to register through this form!

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