The Solidarity Labs keep spreading across Europe!

The project valUE – Solidarity Matters funded by Europe for Citizens keeps engaging the citizenry across Europe in a collective reflection on the importance of Solidarity! Over 200 people have been involved in the Solidarity Labs organised over the past few months in Greece, Cyprus and Romania, leading to over 10 definitions of Solidarity that started feeding the SoliDictionary which will result out of the project.The SoliDictionary will be a main component of the web-documentary, which will report all project activities and results in a dynamic and experiential manner!  

Our project partners DAFNI KEK and ANMFR have organised 12 sessions of the Solidarity Labs relying on non-formal and informal learning techniques such as, among others, role-playing based training activities, an alternative version of Dixit as well as the methodology of the theatre of the oppressed. This methodology allowed for opening up an enabling space for participants to debate around Life Skills for Europe and Community Building.The pandemic and its impact on these pivotal element for social cohesion have been discussed by participants, who have been reacting enthusiastically to the Action trainings. We now look forward to the next chapters of this project, to be unfolded in Estonia and France, thanks to our partners and members the Johannes Mikelson Centre and La Ligue de l’Enseignement!  

Finally, thanks to the participation of project partners in the Conference on the Future of Europe, we are proud to voice the opinions expressed by the citizenry during the Solidarity Labs in that context, building bridges between the local and the EU level and empowering participants in the Solidarity Labs to have their say in this important process! A great bottom-up process across the EU to make sure that the importance of solidarity is in the limelight for the discussion on the Future of Europe!

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