The people of Palestine need your help! Support the Palme Center‘s fundraising to help the civilian population of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank through our local partner organizations in Palestine. The collection also aims to support peace movements in Palestine and Israel

The situation in the Gaza Strip is catastrophic . Over 35,000 people have been killed so far, the majority of whom are children and women. Almost 2 million people are displaced without shelter and protection from the indiscriminate bombing and fighting. At the same time, the illegal Israeli blockade of food, medicine and other supplies leads to people starving and dying from disease. The population is in a desperate fight for their lives.

At the same time, the situation in the West Bank is alarming . 2023 was the deadliest year in decades. Over 700 people, many children, were killed during the year by the Israeli military or extremist settlers. Since Hamas’ bloody attack on October 7, over 7,000 Palestinians have also been detained in military raids. Freedom of movement is today even more severely restricted and the risk of an escalation and further forced relocations is very high. Unemployment and lack of money make the situation acute for many people.

The needs are enormous. Several countries have frozen the humanitarian aid that goes through the UN organization UNRWA – which currently distributes 80 percent of humanitarian aid in Gaza and which most key humanitarian actors say is irreplaceable in reaching out with emergency aid. Meanwhile, several international aid organizations have suspended their activities for security reasons following Israel’s attack on aid workers on April 1.

The Palm Center has launched an urgent collection in order to, through our local partners and other organizations on the ground, be able to contribute to alleviating the acute humanitarian disaster, as well as support the work for human rights, freedom and peace in the region.

What is the collection for ?

Several of the labor movement’s established partners are active on site and can therefore contribute vital support to various groups. In the current situation, it is important that local organizations in civil society are involved and able to act. They have special knowledge and their own networks to get help to people and groups with different needs. Examples of humanitarian aid and other support that the collection should contribute to:​

  • Get food, water, medicines and be able to offer shelter, healthcare and psychosocial support services to people in Rafah and other refugee centers in the Gaza Strip.
  • Provide legal assistance to displaced people in the West Bank , as well as financial assistance to workers who have lost their jobs or are unable to return home.
  • Offer support to ensure that the rights of other particularly vulnerable groups such as women, children and young people are respected.
  • Support Palestinians locally to organize to monitor developments and be able to warn local residents of future attacks by violent illegal settlers.
  • Document developments and stories about what is happening on the ground.

The labor movement’s Palestinian collaborators, with families, may also themselves need support to be able to continue their important work. The collection therefore also aims to be able to offer them psychosocial support, medicines and other necessities if needed.

An example of an effort that has so far been able to be implemented with the help of the fundraiser is an initiative led by our partner organization Democracy and Workers Rights Center to support women who lost their livelihoods in small businesses and cooperatives in Gaza. Over three days, six women were employed to bake 180 kg of Eid cakes to be distributed to displaced families in Deir al-Balah and Zawaida area.

“Such initiatives help women financially as well as help families cope with the basic needs they cannot meet,” Fathieh Abu Amrah, owner of Al Amal’s food manufacturing unit, said of the effort.

Support for peace work

Bringing about an immediate ceasefire is vital. To prevent further loss of life and to facilitate the entry of life-saving aid. But the conflict must be resolved in the long term so that similar disasters cannot be repeated in the future and to create peace in the area. The illegal Israeli occupation must end and both peoples must be allowed to live in security and freedom. It will require political solutions. The collection therefore also aims to support peace movements in Palestine and Israel. Activities and initiatives that contribute to cooperation and dialogue within and between civil societies in Palestine and Israel . Especially among young people and women.