Our fight after the European Elections continues: Mobilising for a Democratic and Social Europe

After these European elections, we choose to see the glass half full: the democratic centre has held its ground.  

A coalition of conservatives, socialists, liberals and greens is possible – even if their majority has been weakened. Having won this election, the conservative parties hold the key to this cooperation. But the progressive forces will be important partners and should make the most of their weight.  

Weaker than feared, but the relative success of the far right and strong electoral victories – especially in Germany, France and Italy – is alarming and its potential destructive power must not be underestimated.

Over the past year, SOLIDAR and its members have been campaigning for social justice and a just transition, advocating for systemic change and well-being within planetary boundaries. On the eve of election night, a new cycle of advocacy and action has begun at European and national level, with our members and partners.   

“Europe still has a lot to say, if we are able to change it”. These words of the late EP President David Sassoli, inscribed on a blue bench in Parc Leopold near the European Parliament, capture the essence of SOLIDAR’s vision and mission: to create a Europe that works for people and the planet. Achieving this vision requires collective effort and unwavering commitment, now more than ever.  

The rise of the far right highlights the need for ambitious social policies. They have won by exploiting concerns about the cost of living, job security and social inequalities, often blaming migrants and the EU.

This underlines the need for the EU to prioritise justice and fairness in the many transitions we face. It must focus on social justice and equality, creating quality jobs and facilitating access to funding schemes that make change possible. Public spending in these areas must be allowed and funds should be linked to strong social and environmental conditions to restore confidence in our democratic institutions. The “normalisation” of the far-right must not be allowed to continue and the EPP has the responsibility to close the doors opened in previous weeks to new alliances beyond the cordon sanitaire.  

SOLIDAR will continue to fight for social justice, democracy, climate action and an economy that guarantees the well-being of all. If anything, our role as a movement of civil society organisations is more important than ever. It is crucial to show how many of us want and believe in real and fair change in our societies.   

Together, we can build a Europe that protects people and the planet – starting now.

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