IMAGES – I Manage and Empower My Skills

This project is closed and ran between 2021 and 2023.


The IMAGES (I Manage and Empower My Skills) project, funded by ERASMUS+, aims to support managers of not-for-profit third sector organizations in identifying their competences and further developmental needs. 


The project aims to support managers of third sector organisations in identifying, validating and developing their competences and ultimately empowering their managers.


IMAGES aims to provide opportunities for third sector managers to develop their skillset in a way that benefits their organizations and creates avenues to transfer their competences from one EU Member State to another. The project provides a voice to civil society in EU debates on the validation and acquisition of competences.  It did so by developing two main tools: European Repertoire of Skills for these managers, transferable across the EU, and a series of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs),for professionals on how to verify the competences of third sector managers.

The project also compiled recommendations for a European framework that can help third sector managers validate and acquire competences. 

Project partners

Besides SOLIDAR Foundation, the project consortium comprises of:

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