REAL DEAL | Reshaping European Advances towards green Leadership Through Deliberative Approaches and Learning


REAL DEAL- Reshaping European Advances towards green Leadership Through Deliberative Approaches and Learning is a 3-year research project funded by Horizon 2020. Its primary focus is on reshaping the participation of citizens and stakeholders in the context of the European Green Deal (EGD).


Within this project, SOLIDAR is a leading partner among 16 partner organisations. SOLIDAR leads the work on Creating and mobilising pan-European stakeholder networks and a European Civil Society Forum for Sustainability. The key objective is to foster collaboration among a diverse range of stakeholders, including Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), researchers, policymakers, and more, across Europe. To achieve this objective:

  • The civil society forum provides an informal space for civil society organisations (CSOs) to discuss democratic participation in relation to the EGD and to advocate for sustainable change.
  • It serves as a learning place for CSOs to collaborate on achieving EGD and green transition objectives while engaging in dialogue with policymakers.


The following project activities led by SOLIDAR aim to create and mobilise stakeholders, promoting deliberative democracy:

  • Mapping relevant stakeholders for deliberative processes on the European Green Deal
  • The creation and coordination of a European Civil Society Forum for Sustainability, gathering expertise on the environmental, social, economic and governance dimensions of sustainable development
  •  Building a network of policymakers in support of deliberative and participatory democracy


The REAL DEAL project brings together civil society networks and researchers together to reshape the active participation of citizens and stakeholders around the European Green Deal. This collaboration involves EU’s largest civil society networks advocating for social justice, environment, climate, sustainable development, youth, women’s rights and local democracy. In addition, researchers and practitioners working on deliberative democracy are also part of the consortium: transdisciplinary sustainability studies, participatory democracy, environmental rights and the law of public participation, ethics and responsible innovation, gender studies and ecofeminism, psychology, geography, and urban planning. 


Project partners

The Consortium, of which SOLIDAR is part of, involves: