AKA (Awareness, Knowledge, Action) Active Citizens


AKA (Awareness, Knowledge, Action) Active Citizens is a 2-year project, coordinated by SOLIDAR Foundation, carried out in a consortium of 8 partners across Europe namely Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. The project’s primary objective is to promote democratic participation and engagement at the EU level among young citizens from marginalised/underrepresented backgrounds across the participating 8 countries. AKA Active Citizens project is funded by Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV).


The AKA project seeks to empower youth through Global Citizenship Education (GCE) based activities, with an aim to raise awareness, capacity building, and drive action among youth by addressing social challenges for a Just Transition and combating structural inequalities collectively and transnationally.


SOLIDAR Foundation, in coordination with its consortium partners, implements the following activities to achieve the project’s objective:

  • Organising 24 activities based on GCE across Europe.
  • Implementing workshops tackling social challenges and structural inequalities in 8 local Community Centres and engaging youth in dialogue with local policymakers addressing the challenges.
  •  Empowering youth through the phases of Awareness, Knowledge, and Action.
  • Creating a final booklet on methodologies (in 8 languages) for fostering social action and democratic engagement.
  • Organising European Debate at which all young leaders engage in dialogue with EU-level policymakers to address the themes touched upon by the project.

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Project partners

The consortium is coordinated by SOLIDAR Foundation and involves the following partners: