Can Europe lead a Just Transition? – Thematic publication

Strengthening social justice in the European Green Deal by using European Pillar of Social Rights indicators

The European Green Deal (EGD), the EU’s strategy to reach climate neutrality by 2050, is meant to be guided by the principles and rights of the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR). However, the social dimension of the European Green Deal is not sufficiently taken into account nor developed. How can we ensure better integration between the EGD and the EPSR?

SOLIDAR and the Erasmus University Rotterdam are happy to contribute to the debate on bringing the social, climate and environmental agendas closer together with a publication on Just Transition covering the 8 key areas of the EGD and the 3 Chapters of the EPSR. The publication is co-authored by Prof. Darren McCauley and Dr Kerry Andrea Pettigrew.

This study analyses the performance of EU Member States based on the relationship between indicators extracted from the European Green Deal and the European Pillar of Social Rights. As a result, it highlights some of the gaps, from a social justice perspective, in the European Green Deal’s current design and implementation, and formulates a set of policy recommendations on how best to integrate the EGD with the core principles and actions of the EPSR.

Read and download the publication below.