Impact of COVID-19 on Andean America – Analysis and Recommendations for the European Union

SOLIDAR is a network of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that are working to improve economic and social rights inside and outside of Europe. One goal of SOLIDAR´s Organising International SOLIDARity (OIS) programme is to monitor the progress of economic and social rights in Andean America (specifically in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Perú).

The current situation with respect to the spread of COVID-19 in Andean America has led to greater uncertainty and alarm regarding the impact of the pandemic on the region. Through the SOLIDAR Network, we have carried out an initial analysis of the measures that are currently being implemented to combat COVID-19 and how these are contributing to the dilapidation of an already fragile social structure, while also putting at risk the achievement of these countries’ development objectives and of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

La publicación está disponible en españolImpacto del COVID-19 en América Andina – Análisis y recomendaciones para la Unión Europea.

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