Education Policy Pill: Global Citizenship Education (GCE)

Global Citizenship Education (GCE) has been a central topic to the work of SOLIDAR Foundation membership across Europe and beyond.

SOLIDAR Foundation strives to achieve social justice through education, ensuring that all learners have access to quality, public education that is done in a lifelong and lifewide manner.

GCE is recognised as political education on a global scale which equips individuals to develop a sense of belonging to the global community, to engage actively and assume a participatory role in society in order to contribute to a world characterized by peace, justice, and the preservation of ecological resources.

This interactive Policy Brief not only presents the main takeaways of the SOLIDAR Foundation’s GCE Policy Paper. It also includes valuable policy actions on the topic, such as the European Declaration of Global Education to 2050 as well as the Council of Europe’s Education Strategy 2024-2030 and the LLLP Reaction to it.

The Policy Pill also gives an overview of the Joint Declaration of Advocacy for GCE, based on the evidence-based Policy Recommendations in the Policy Paper. The Declaration will enable cooperation among like-minded organisations to promote GCE in the coming months through joint actions.

You are invited to explore the Global Citizenship Education Policy Pill.


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