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Latest News

  • Editorial by Conny Reuter, SOLIDAR Secretary General

    Demographic change? Demographic challenge! Who cares?

    The demography of our European societies is changing, not only due to the crisis and fears about the future, but also due to changes in cultural habits concerning our personal lives and family planning, not forgetting the perennial issue of balancing private and professional life. From the business side we are often reminded that these demographic changes will have a negative impact on our labour markets, with an increasing gap between supply and demand. In reality the figures show there is problem on the supply side and the oft-mentioned mismatch is actually a lack of quality jobs in Europe for job seekers.

  • Building Learning Societies

    SOLIDAR Foundation Contribution to the Europe 2020 Strategy Stock Taking

    SOLIDAR Foundation has contributed (full version) to the process taking stock of the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, by participating in the public consultations that will contribute to the make of further proposals for the strategy in 2015. With the involvement of member and partner organisations, and through their contribution to the Social Progress Watch, the response to the consultation was formulated together with the call to reinforce a balanced and inclusive strand of the Europe 2020 Strategy, specifically with the view on access to education and lifelong learning for all.

  • Together for Social Europe

    Policy Recommendations to the EU 2020 mid-term review - ’Promoting a balanced and inclusive revision of the Europe 2020 Strategy’

    In response to the public consultation of the European Commission on the Europe 2020 mid-term review, SOLIDAR hereby presents its contribution including proposals to ensure a balanced and inclusive revision of the Strategy. The contribution is based on the findings of an extensive consultation carried out with members and partners through the Social Progress Watch Initiative as well as on the main findings included in the SOLIDAR briefing ‘Europe 2020: How to spur social progress for a more inclusive Europe?’.

  • Organising International Solidarity

    Civil dialogue in and with the Middle East and North Africa

    Today the fourth consultation meeting on the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) South Civil Society Forum was held in Napoli. The meeting took place in frame of 10 years Anna Lindh Foundation, the former foreign minister of Sweden from SAP. Stefan Füle, Commissioner for Neighbourhood kicked of the meeting by quoting Vaclav Havel “without peace between citizens and between citizens and the state there cannot be peace". Civil society in the region needs to lead the democratic transformation process in the region; the EU will not promote one model but will seek to support those that have the same democratic goals.

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