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  • SOLIDAR Foundation Briefing #71 - Building learning Societies: Investing in Education and Lifelong Learning

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Latest News

  • Editorial by Conny Reuter, SOLIDAR Secretary General

    Last chance for Europe – heading for the exit or making a U-turn?

    The new Commission President made a challenging announcement when he stepped into office: this is the last chance for Europe. He meant that this is – not only in his view – the last chance to reconcile citizens with the European project and its institutions. But the challenge goes far beyond Europe – as fire is set to the house of democracy.

    Democracy should ensure a balance of forces in society and unite citizens, under the umbrella of the rule of law and around a social contract, within the “least worst” organisational form of society: our democracy.

  • Building Learning Societies

    SOLIDAR Education Experts’ Network

    On 9 April members of the SOLIDAR Education Experts’ Network met in Madrid to examine members-led initiatives and projects and to build new ways of cooperation between the organisations, focusing on the European Union’s policies and the work of members at the national level. Members have developed a common approach on current policy developments related to the skills agenda, combating long-term and youth unemployment, the realisation of Europe 2020 Agenda, as well as the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, SOLIDAR, enabling them to work together on policy inputs and projects that will strengthen their implementation.

  • Together for Social Europe

    SOLIDAR meets representatives of Greek CSOs

    Today SOLIDAR met in Brussels members of four Greek civil society organisations (CSOs), of which many are already supported by SOLIDAR Members, to discuss the social and economic situation in their country; the meeting was held in the European Parliament and hosted by MEP Josef Weidenholzer (S&D).

  • Organising International Solidarity

    SOLIDAR in solidarity with UNRWA’s humanitarian aid in Yarmouk Syria

    Since 1 April, Yarmouk has been on the scene of intense fighting between armed groups in the area, reportedly including elements of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), making it virtually impossible for civilians to leave.

    This week, UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl visited the Yarmouk camp to report on the safety and protection of some 18,000 Palestinian and Syrian civilians, including 3,500 children, as Yarmouk remains under the control of armed groups. In his statement released at the beginning of the week, he reiterated the need to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to the civilians inside the refugee camp.

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