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  • Editorial by Conny Reuter, SOLIDAR Secretary General

    Take it or break it?

    The lobby tour has begun. With a comfortable election win behind him the British Prime Minister has started his tour of Europe to consult Heads of State about possible concessions to the UK in view of its forthcoming referendum on continued EU membership. It brings back memories from a previous generation, Mrs. Thatcher’s “I want my (?) money back”. In the last 30 years the sword of Damocles has always been hanging over the UK’s membership of the EU. In reality it is has been used as an instrument of pressure to prevent, in particular, real European progress. Once the dates for the referendum are set, an interesting campaign will start with all the traditionally anti-European forces repeating their arguments that date from the last century. As continental Europeans it may be advisable for us not to intervene unless our members and partners ask for support. But the UK might undergo more changes before the referendum even takes place, if the Scottish elections result in its independence.

  • Organising International Solidarity

    Freedom of Association, Decent Work and Social Protection for All: SOLIDAR Network at the 104th Sessions of the ILO Conference - Focus on Sugar Cane Workers Fighting for Freedom of Association

    On 14 June2012, the members of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) unanimously voted for the adoption of Recommendation 202 on National Floors of Social Protection (R202). The Recommendation commits governments to ensuring that all people residing on their territories have access to (at least) four basic social protection guarantees: access to essential health care, and income security for children, for persons of active age who are unable to earn sufficient income, and for older people.

    Trade unions and representative NGOs have a key role in ensuring that R 202 is

    • submitted to the competent State’s authorities
    • properly implemented in consultation and with the participation of “all relevant and representative organisations of persons concerned” (ILO R202, art. 3 (r))
    • the first step towards the development of universal and comprehensive social protection systems.
  • Together for Social Europe

    Implementation of the EU Agenda of Migration: SOLIDAR calls for a comprehensive and long-term approach

    Two weeks after the presentation of the European Agenda on Migration, the Commission adopted yesterday a first set of proposal for the implementations of the actions foreseen in the agenda. These measures include: a proposal to activate the emergency mechanism envisaged under art.78.3 (TFEU) to assist Italy and Greece by relocating people in need of international protection in other member states; a recommendation asking Member States for the resettlement of 20 000 people from outside the EU; a public consultation on the future of the Blue Card Directive ; a new operation plan to improve the number of assets and extends the geographical l area of the Triton operation; guidelines for Member States setting out a best practices approach for fingerprinting newly arrived applicants for international protection.

  • Building Learning Societies

    Incheon Declaration recognises the importance of non-formal and informal learning

    On 19-22 May the World Education Forum in Incheon, the Republic of Korea, gathered together global leaders in education, ministers, policy-makers and representatives of civil society and private sector to discuss the global education agenda for the next 15 years. The meeting was concluded with the Incheon declaration, encouraging countries to provide inclusive, equitable, quality education opportunities for all.

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