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Latest News

  • CTUWS Report on workers protests in Egypt

    In the past few days a new wave of workers strikes broke out across different economic-, industrial- and service sectors in Egypt. A recently published CTUWS* report alerted the attempt to describe legitimate workers demands as “a foreign plot to (...)

  • SOLIDAR mourns Dr Ron Pundak

    With Ron Pundak, who passed away last Friday, we have not only lost an outstanding individual who dedicated his entire life to Peace between Israel and Palestine, but also a friend of SOLIDAR. We met with Ron Pundak several times; lastly he was (...)

  • Last Round before the New Start

    Next week the European Parliament will have its’ last plenary in Strasbourg before the European Elections at the end of May. Some important dossiers will still be voted like the famous implementation directive on the posting of workers. It is (...)

  • Spain: Join the Disobedience Campaign 2014

    SOLIDAR would like to voice an appeal to raise awareness about the current fundamental rights’ situation in Spain, as our Spanish partners IDHC and APDHA have called upon us for our support. Civil and political rights in the country are (...)

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