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Latest News

  • Organising International Solidarity

    Morocco: New approved social security law extends coverage to the self-employed workers!

    Morocco’s Government Council has approved the draft law on extending social insurance coverage for self-employed workers. While the previous health insurance and pension schemes, covered only 30 to 35% of the employed population, two thirds of the Moroccan population remained outside of any form of social protection. SOLIDAR considers that the approval of the new law will improve the compulsory implementation of health insurance and pensions’ scheme for all self-employed workers, regardless of their socio-professional affiliation.

  • SOLIDAR makes integration happen

    AWO Refugium at the Marie-Schlei-House in Berlin

    While the politicians at European and national level are still struggling with the refugee crisis and the tone in the political discourse is getting harsher, SOLIDAR members are helping refugees all along the Balkan and Mediterranean route in hundreds of projects; they support the integration and inclusion of refugees who fled from the worst conflicts of our time.

    In this article we highlight one good example of a refugee project by our German member Arbeiter Wohlfahrt.

  • Organising International Solidarity

    2030 agenda for Sustainable Development: CSOs coalition letter to Frans Timmermans

    From June 2015 onwards, a considerable number of EU-based Civil Society Organisations from the sustainability, development, environment and social sectors have been meeting to consider in which way we can contribute to the implementation, monitoring and follow-up of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, both in Europe and beyond.

    This week, this broad CSOs Coalition in which amongst others SOLIDAR takes part, has addressed a joint letter to the European Commission’s First Vice-President Frans Timmermans.

  • SOLIDAR makes integration happen

    Solidaritè Laïque: access to education for migrants in Calais

    On Saturday 6th January, SOLIDAR member Solidarité Laïque has inaugurated its ’Ecole Laïque du Chemin des Dunes’ providing education to minors and adults living in the encampment in Calais, also wrongly called “the jungle”. The action aims at coping with the emergency as well as calling on national authorities such as the Ministry of Education to take its responsibilities in ensuring universal access to education as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This positive example of social inclusion promotes solidarity within the camp and highlights how inter-cultural values can be promoted in spite of degrading living conditions.

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