• Education & Lifelong Learning Watch 2015 - General Report

  • New Briefing No. 77 ’Social safeguards in Europe - Redefining our narrative’

  • Join us on 22 March for EU World of Work for Youth (WOW project) Final Conference

  • How to mainstream social protection in the European Development Fund’s (EDF) National Indicative Programmes (NIPs). Civil Society tells us how...

Latest News

  • Editorial by Conny Reuter, SOLIDAR Secretary General

    Belgian Social Movement

    As citizens living and working in Brussels, social movements are a part of our reality. Although sometimes absorbed by the so-called Brussels bubble, the concerns of striking workers affect our everyday lives and are difficult to ignore. Listening to railway company workers going on strike, their concern is the impact of measures to be ever more competitive - which for them means longer working hours, more flexibility and increased pressure on the job. Belgian prison guards are on strike for five weeks because staff reductions in the name of cost effectiveness have been so severe it is no longer possible for them to do their job properly.

  • Building Learning Societies

    Promoting inclusion and fundamental rights through education

    On 26th May, the European Commission is organising a high level colloquium on Promoting Inclusion and Fundamental Rights through Education- a way to prevent violent inclusion. This meeting is organised a year after the publication of the Paris Declaration to look at how to promote and share good practice:

  • Together for Social Europe

    The pillar of social rights – a step towards a social Europe?

    On 26 May SOLIDAR organised a conference on the European Pillar of Social Rights together with the Austrian and German Trade Union Federations, the Austrian Chamber of Labour, the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation and Diaconia Germany.

  • SOLIDAR Silver Rose Awards 2016

    The 2016 SOLIDAR Silver Rose Awards in the category ‘Organising International Solidarity – Fundamental Rights’ goes to… Journalist Union of Turkey

    The winner of the 2016 SOLIDAR Silver Rose Awards in the category ‘Organising International Solidarity – Fundamental Rights’ is the Journalist Union of Turkey/ Türkiye Gazeteciler Sendikası (TGS). Uğur Güç, President of the Journalist Union of Turkey (TGS), is accepting the award on behalf of his organisation, which supports jailed journalists and promotes solidarity between journalists in Turkey and abroad. This is of paramount importance in times, when the debate on Press Freedom is high on the EU’s political agenda and journalists in Turkey and elsewhere face severe threats. Uğur Güç himself experienced negative consequences for his career, because of fighting for decent working conditions. After he got involved in the Journalist Union in 2007, they went on strike at Sabah, a big Turkish newspaper, since a collective labour agreement was not reached. As a result, Uğur Güç was fired. In 2013 he became President of TGS. He now works at the weekly internet newspaper SOL – meaning “left” in Turkish.

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