A socially just transition to carbon neutrality

A just transition is a holistic and proactive concept that should encompass all of society and all policies. A just transition guarantees that we all have a place in the green transition and that the most vulnerable, poor, and marginalized are not sacrificed in the process.


A just transition entails a shift towards a fairer and more sustainable society, mitigating the negative economic and social impacts of the green transition. By prioritising social justice, workers’ rights and the well-being of communities, a just transition will bring about a fair distribution of resources and opportunities, guaranteeing that all members of society, especially the most vulnerable, benefit from the green transition. It’s about building a sustainable and fair Europe for all. Read more about SOLIDAR’s work for a just transition.

Key asks

  1. Establish an EU Just Transition Observatory, appoint a Commissioner for the Just Transition and a permanent rapporteur on a just transition in the European Parliament. 
  2. Design and implement a Green and Social Deal that anticipates, plans and implements the green transition in a way that maximises its economic and social benefits, while ensuring that the required contributions are fairly shared across society. This means developing strong national strategies to create a favourable environment for the social economy
  3. Mobilise adequate public and private investment in a just transition, starting with setting up an EU financing strategy for a just transition along the lines of the ground-breaking Next Generation EU.
  4. Adopt a European Directive for a Just Transition of the world of work; address skills shortages for critical sectors and ensuring that learning, up-skilling, reskilling schemes are accessible to all.
  5. Ensure the development of short and long-term plans for a just transition at company level, of national and regional just transition plans, and of just transition agreements at territorial level to revitalise affected areas.
  6. Promote a Global Just Transition by ensuring policy coherence for development, promoting fair trade policy that upholds human rights, support partner countries in developing their just transition plans, fostering open civic spaces and meaningful participation, and enacting universal social protection.

What have we done so far?

SOLIDAR’s key demands

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