ECHO Network – Ethical, Common, Human and Open


ECHO (Ethical, Common, Human and Open) Network is a project running until 2024 which intends to promote digital citizenship and responsible use of digital technology, providing citizens and organisations with a clear understanding of how to use digital technology ethically, and focuses on how EU institutions address this matter to safeguard citizens.


There is a need for a better understanding of how the online space functions and what potential solutions to ensure a more democratic online experience there are. The debates on freedom of choice online and on the practices adopted by the tech giants that hold the oligopoly over online tools are essential at EU level as these debates will be crucial for regulating the online space in the coming years.


The project partners collaborate to share their experiences in using ethical digital software. They assess the available resources and alternatives to technology provided by big tech companies that rely on learners’ data for profit. ECHO Network also aims to provide training resources to promote the use of ethical digital solutions in the learning process. This includes creating a reference guide for educators in partner countries on digital citizenship, advocating for an ethical and sustainable digital transition, and mapping organisations that promote ethical digital technology in these countries.


Project partners

The ECHO Network consortium comprises of 6 partners based in 5 different countries, and SOLIDAR Foundation and is coordinated by our member, Cemea France. 

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