Asia Regional ESRM Report 2021

The SOLIDAR 2021 Economic and Social Rights Monitor (ESRM) Reports have a special focus on countering shrinking space with particular attention to Asia. For this reason, SOLIDAR has compiled an ESRM Regional Report in collaboration with SOLIDAR Suisse to address the developments of shrinking civic space in Asia.  

In Asia, respect for labour rights has been declining in several countries, and the decline in civic space conditions in the continent remains a cause for concern, as stated in SOLIDAR’s Joint Declaration for the World Day for Social Justice on Countering Shrinking Civic Space.  

Despite the shrinking civic space in Asia, human rights activists and civil society have continued their efforts to push for fundamental improvements to their rights and freedoms. Sharing experiences and strategies among rights-based groups in Asia and building networks within the region remains paramount as was seen when pro-democracy activists in Thailand, Myanmar and Hong Kong shared protest tactics.  

From workers to feminist activists to journalists, many are facing similar struggles in fighting for their rights as they experience repression and crackdowns from the state. More importantly, we must continue to express solidarity and amplify the voices of those of the most marginalised, both nationally and internationally and to continue to hold states accountable for rights abuses and curtails to fundamental freedoms within their country. 

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