The European Union’s (EU) cooperation with Colombia in the last ten years has been mainly focused on supporting initiatives for the construction of peace. To facilitate access to fundamental economic and social rights, and achieve lasting peace, the European Fund for Peace was created in response to the Government’s request to accompany the Peace Agreement on two fundamental issues: 1) the rural reform and 2) the economic and social reincorporation of former FARC combatants. The European Fund for Peace currently has 130 million euros to support peace projects in 26 departments and 98 municipalities in Colombia. Recently, the European Union has followed with great concern the social protests and violence in Colombia.

The country is going through a deep crisis and the socioeconomic impact of Covid-19 the pandemic has further aggravated the existing inequality and the deprivation of the population’s right to protest and expression. To this is added the high crime rate including persecution and murders of social and environmental leaders. This context of violence endangers the timid progress of the country towards peace.

Developed together with its members and partners in Colombia, SOLIDAR 2022 Economic and Social Right Report for Colombia looks at how can the European Union (EU) better contribute to building an enabling space for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), tackle the environmental challenges and promote decent work for all. 

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