Investing in Education

Education, training and cultural expression play a significant role in promoting and improving social cohesion, active inclusion and participation. In order to reduce inequalities and promote the well-being of society at large, the inner potential of societies has to be unlocked. Learning societies have to be promoted in which each member’s personal contribution is valued, and knowledge, skills and competences are both shared and developed.

SOLIDAR Foundation is committed to making lifelong learning a reality and to foster the participation of people in education and learning, especially those who are far from formal education and have a weak income position, young adults who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs) and school dropouts, as well as highly educated unemployed people at the risk of skills deterioration.

SOLIDAR Foundation, following the Europe 2020 Strategy, actively supports the creation of learning societies and learning workplaces. This leads to promoting social justice through education and training with special attention given to unlocking the full potential of society – where each personal contribution is being utilised, and skills and competences are both shared and developed, to further contribute to reducing inequalities.

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