ECO-IN | Algorithm for New Ecological Approaches to Inclusion

This project is closed and ran between 2019 and 2023.


The Algorithm for New Ecological Approaches to Inclusion (ECO-IN) is Erasmus+ co-funded project and aims to develop new and innovative training model to generate inclusive schools and communities.


Inclusive practices and systems are not a reality for all across our Union. Often education stakeholders lack the tools and training to make sure that the needs and learners are put at the centre. For this reason, the partners of the consortium run in-depth research on the inclusion practices in primary and secondary education in Romania, Spain, Belgium, Lithuania and Italy.


Based on the findings and the needs identified across these EU member states, and following further research at EU level, the project delivers indicators for monitoring successful inclusion practices, policy recommendations to boost inclusion and training to prepare all education stakeholders (teachers, school heads, policymakers, parents, families) to actively participate in a system that puts the learners’ well-being and development at the centre of their work.

Project partners

Besides SOLIDAR foundation, the project consortium comprises of:

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