Just Transition Monitor – Mapping the state of Just Transition in the European Union

December 13, 2021

How do certain EU countries approach the issue of ‘Just Transition’? Do they have national Just Transition strategies? Did Just Transition only reach their national agenda recently? Is Just Transition present in their National Recovery and Resilience Plans? And what is the view of of national civil society and trade unions on Just Transition?

SOLIDAR’s first ever Just Transition Monitor aims to answer these (and other) questions. Its main objective is to map and assess the strategies, policies, measures and practices that five EU countries (Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland and Romania) have put (or are putting) in place to advance the ecological transition in a socially just and fair way in their country. By doing so, it aims to provide a snapshot of the state of Just Transition in the European Union.

This publication serves mainly as a tool to build the knowledge and capacity of members and partners of SOLIDAR to engage with policies and measures for a Just Transition. Nevertheless, the content of this report could also be of interest for decision-makers who wish to better understand how Just Transition is advancing across Europe. Lastly, this is a useful tool to identify best practices, possible issues and gaps in the policies and plans that EU member states are developing in the framework of EU processes.

We believe that, by analysing and assessing how Just Transition is being conceived, addressed and implemented in member states of the EU, we can better define how EU policies and funding should support and promote a Just Transition across the European continent.

IT – La Giusta Transizione in Italia

PL – Sprawiedliwej Transformacji w Polsce

RO – Tranziție echitabilă în România

ES – Transición Justa en España

SE – Just Transition i Sverige

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